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I went to Ferry Beach Ecology School when I was in fifth grade. I am now in seventh grade, but, I remember like it was yesterday! It took us all year to prepare for this very fun adventure. My fifth grade classes worked hard, we did things on the weekends to help get money, we all worked together, then we got to our destination(FBES) Some kids were very scared to stay away from home for 3 nights four days, but the people who worked at FBES comforted us, and our teachers, so everyone was happy. We went on night lessons a few nights a week. I remember it thundered stormed, and it was really scary and cool at the same time. We learned all sorts of stuff. But when we were not a lesson time, we would have rec time. Now that is when we could all just hang out. It was a GREAT time to spend time with your friends and make memories. Now I am going to be honest, the food is something to die for! The food they bake is amazing, I guarantee everyone will like at least one thing there. You will remember your time at FBES for the rest of your life, my friends and I still talk about to today!!

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Welcome to the
Lebanon Elementary School 5th Grade

Fundraising Auction


Thank you for your support! The auction is now over. We will be sending winning email notices on Sunday night (December 8).

PLEASE NOTE, since there have been difficulties with some email providers, you can view your winnings by logging in and clicking on My Account in the main menu.

If you do not recevie your email, please print that page and bring it with you to pick up your winnings.

We will have one pick up date only this year: Saturday, December 14, 10 AM - 2 PM at the Lebanon Elementary School.

Some items will be able to be mailed such as merchandise certificates and tickets. Other items can be shipped via US Postal Service or UPS but winning bidder will incur actual shipping charges. Items cannot be picked up during school hours.

Please contact us if this date does not work for you to make other arrangements.

We will accept cash, money order, and local check. Please make checks out to Lebanon Schools.


From 1991 - 2001 the fifth graders of Lebanon Elementary School attended a residential, three nights, four day environmental education program in southern Maine. In an effort to revive this wonderful program in April of 2007, 84 fifth-grade students from Lebanon Elementary School in Lebanon, Maine attended The Ferry Beach Ecology Schools at Ferry Beach, Maine. In April of 2014 we hope to have another 70+ students experience the residential program.

Camp EllisFerry Beach Ecology School (FBES) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing ecological education to 3rd-8th grade classes. Their interdisciplinary ecology curriculum focuses on teaching hands-on lessons in basic ecology by using the outdoors as a classroom-- a classroom where learning occurs through exploration, scientific investigation, discovery and sensory awareness. A trip to FBES can be a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to explore and learn about ecosystems such as tide pools, beaches, dunes, salt marshes and coastal forests - places that many of them may never have seen before. The experience of being away from home and learning to live with and get along with others is also invaluable. Please visit to learn more about this wonderful program!

"Schools That Shine" picks Lebanon and Ecology School "SELU" Partnership

News Center 6 WCSH-TV chose our "Science & Ecology Live & Unplugged" (SELU) program with Lebanon Elementary Schools for its November "Schools That Shine" segment. Congratulations to principal Tom Ledue and the teaching team (Jaime Halbmaier and Carolyn French were amazing on camera!) for being chosen for this community grant and honor. Take a look the video produced by WCSH's Tim Goff that aired Nov 11th on Ch. 6!

Fundraising Efforts

This opportunity is expensive. It costs thousands of dollars to send the fifth grade to this school. Per MSAD # 60 school board vote we will be having just one large fundraiser this year, which we hope will raise most of the cost of attendance. Parents will contribute about one half of the cost, however, we are looking for grants to reduce these costs. Our fundraiser will be this on-line auction. The fifth graders have been very successful in raising money using this format in the past. During the week of December 1 - December 7, 2013, we will hold our on-line auction. As this is our largest fundraiser we will have, we are hoping to make it even more successful than ever before. Please consider donating to our cause.

This auction represents hours of work by parents, teachers and sponsors.

Please bid high and bid often!